Black Amour – Barry Adamson
Barry Adamson
Label : Mute Records
  1. Black Amour (Trojan Extended Pleasure Remix)



Black Amour single from the album King of Nothing Hill (Mute)

Strange World Of…

Barry Adamson

John Doran (The Quietus), April 18th, 2008

And so it continues, with that old devil called Barry getting smoother and smoother in search of your soul. The prescient use of lounge funk, 60s French disco, Lalo Schiffrin style car chase fusion are all blended to form the signature music to his new alter-ego Satisfaction Jackson, the Satanic Pimp. He still maintained it was modern music however: “There is that swap between the old fashioned sounding and the very futuristic. The whole premise of the record is about this dichotomy. It is about me being beside myself; the age old thing of duality. There is a yearning for things not to be like they are but a realisation that things are what they are.” Highlight: Black Amour