Signs of Light – Lords of Chaos
Lords of Chaos
Label : Transient Records
  1. Signs of Light
  2. Hak Elvis




LORDS OF CHAOS. Signs Of Light. Chaotic 601.

Not quite as heavy as Dissecting Table (what is?), Lords Of Chaos deliver up the goods via some very menacing and threatening beats. Signs Of Light, the opener and album title, shows very little mercy as it dives headlong into a beat with more punch and anger than Tyson. The odd samples break the fixation and tracks like Bunty, Hakelvis, Spinal Grip and Slasher Tempo awake… something! Nik Leman is the main man behind this project, and was seen to be touring with Prodigy throughout their European tour, so he’s picked up a few things on what its all about. Nine tracks in all – every one a cracker. (Dave W).

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