Retox Detox – Heaven 17
Heaven 17
Label : Eagle Rock



Press Release


Pioneers of electronic developments in the early eighties, Heaven 17 represent a crucial element in the evolution of contemporary dance music. Being at the vanguard of electronic music at such a pivotal moment, Heaven 17 wield an often surprising influence upon todays own avatars of dance. Over the past decade, Heaven 17 have been beset with offers to remix their extensive catalogue by numerous remixers, DJ’s and producers. Finally, August witnesses the release of ‘Retox/Detox’, a double CD collection comprising remixes and collaborations based upon the bands classic material. The brainchild of the band themselves, they called together favourite producers, remixers and knob twiddlers to get to grips with tracks covering nearly two decades in music, two decades that have seen unprecedented transformations in technology and dance culture. The response to the project was astounding, with the band having to listen through nearly 40 contributions in order to whittle down the selection to the 23 that will feature on the final album. It is an album that will surprise and stimulate seasoned fans as well as fresh ears alike.

The list of those appearing on the album is impressive, spanning almost the entire spectrum of contemporary dance culture – breakbeat, dub, funk, electro, house, hardhouse, progressive house, disco, techno, jungle, ambient – indeed, all genres and idioms that Heaven 17 themselves could be said to have experimented with. ‘Retox/Detox’ can be seen as closing the circle on many of the developments in electronic music as we reach the end of a fascinating period of creativity and exploration in music.

The album comes in a double CD pack with disc one (Retox) featuring breaks, beats and dub from a host of established and emerging names such as DJ Suv (Reprazent, V Recordings, Full Cycle), Ashley Beedle (Ballistic Bros., X-Press 2, Black Jazz Chronicles), Rob Playford (Moving Shadow), Adrian Sherwood (On- U Sound, Pressure Sounds), Ski (Galliano), Steve Hillier (Dubstar) and king of the funky breaks, Freddy Fresh remixing ‘Geisha Boys & Temple Girls’ in a funked out stylee you will not believe!!

Disc two (Detox) includes deep house grooves from the Rhythm Masters (on the case with a heavyweight remix of the seminal ‘Temptation’) and the Ruff Driverz (doing serious woofer damage with ‘Penthouse & Pavement’). ‘Detox’ also features full on cuts from Tinman (coming with a solid ‘Fascist Groove Thang’), Cissero, Georgio Moroder, Kirk Degiorgio (on a minimal disco tip with ‘Temptation’) and the current European smash remake of ‘Let Me Go’ from Phil Jay & Molella featuring MC skills from Fast Eddie.

‘Retox/Detox’ will be launched at an exclusive party at London’s Aquarium club on Tuesday July 14th (tickets on sale from the club) where the band will be performing with some of the remixers. There will also be full DJ support from Rob Playford, Freddy Fresh and DJ Ramu pushing out sounds to the people. So don’t forget – “Everybody move to prove the groove”.

Join the ‘Geisha Boys and Temple Girls’ on the 14th and let yourself succumb to the ‘Temptation’ of letting go.