Low 948 (Featuring Timothy Leary)
Label : UNIT20



Mega-t album is a 3 x cd – 100 page booklet or 33 track download audio album based around trance, ambient, techno and spoken word.

The physical album is packaged on all-environmentally-friendly packaging.

The album is an electronic dance music album containing world-class trance, electronic / ambient and folk music and spoken word.
The booklet is a psychedelic / consciousness / spiritual book containing 21 articles and a diy directory on subjects such as the 5 Rhythms dance, shamanism, creation spirituality, solar festivals, the gaia hypothesis, tantra and more with great full colour illustrations.

The album was announced december 20th 2012 and released on march 20th 2013.

The album contains three cd’s ‘dance’, ‘ambient’ and ‘shamanarchy’.

The ‘dance’ cd is mostly trance music tracks from well-known artists from many different countries from the mid-nineties through to recent tracks. This CD is a continuous mix.

The ambient cd contains electronic tracks and some folk from well-known ambient artists, mainly from the UK alternative / international scene.
Audio quotes from world-famous scientists, poets, spiritual teachers and writers recorded live are mixed through the album with sounds of nature recorded between tracks in a continuous mix again. (This cd is identical to the ambient cd from the 1996 album).

The shamanarchy cd contains ten new tracks from one of the main production teams of the ‘shamanarchy experiments’. These are techno, electronic and ambient with several vocal performances. Eight of these tracks are based on the 8 point wheel of the year, the eight solar festivals (ie. Winter solstice, Imbolc, spring equinox, beltane, summer solstice, lammas, autumn equinox, samhain). These tracks are guided by John Crow (of Southwark Mysteries). This album opens with an introductory track featuring the words of Sir George Trevelyan and closes with a guided meditation by Suzy Straw.

A 23 minute guided meditation guided by Baba Ram Dass with electronic backing and produced by the Knights of the Occasional Table is part of the album and becomes available after purchase of the album.

The physical album comes with 50 tree seeds in Europe (Europe only, due to international trade laws).

The physical album costs £20.00 (GBP) (including the meditation) which includes UK postage. Postage is extra in all other territories, though just a nominal amount of £2.50 GBP or equivalent.

The electronic download costs £10.00 GBP (British pound) in all territories. The electronic download is exactly the same as the physical album, with the same track list (obviously without booklet / tree seeds).

The album booklet is a 100 page ‘future perfect’ guide to shamanism, sacred dance, gaia, evolutionary consciousness, love magic, full moon celebration and nature based spirituality. It includes articles by Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, James Lovelock, Gabrielle Roth, Terence Mckenna, Caroline Aldred, Michael Horovitz, Matthew Fox, Sir Terry Pratchett and more. (Please see the list of booklet article authors on the ‘cd’ page). The booklet also contains an updated diy directory which include details of organisations involved in environmental awareness, yoga, ethical banking, festival guides, protest, feng shui, healing and more.

The booklet is printed on primarily sugarcane bagasse paper. This is paper made from the waste of the sugarbeat plant and is currently the most environmentally-friendly paper on earth. Great new full-colour graphics in the booklet are by Martin Wood, (designer of the original album), Jamie Reid, Mel Pollard, Sheila Maclurkin, Ed Grace and David Goodman (some of whom provided artwork on the original album).

Packaging on the album overall is completely environmentally-friendly. The cd’s are recycled (this means everything apart from the silver layer), the cd box is printed using non-toxic water-based varnish and is 100% recyclable. It comes from a company which is ‘carbon-neutral’ via co2 balance and uses FSC certified sustainable premium card. All inks in the packaging / on the cd’s are vegetable based. The booklet is printed on primarily sugarcane bagasse paper which is elemental chlorine and acid free, using renewable raw materials. The paper mill uses an effluent water irrigation system and is self-sustaining. The tree seed bags are 100% biodegradeable (Europe only). Postage envelopes are 100% recycled and bubblewrap in the postage for the album is 100% biodegradeable.