Cathedral Oceans
John Foxx
Label : Demon/ Edsel Records




Cathedral Oceans Box Set

These images have been made from photographs and found objects collected over a period of around thirty years on journeys through Britain, USA and Europe. They are places and things which are overlooked, forgotten, neglected. Layers of memory made from material and images from industrial cities and over grown gardens. Ruins from Rome to the east end of London. Abandoned places from Manchester factories to prehistoric settlements in the south of France. Litter from derelict buildings and streets from New York to Glasgow. The visual layers are made to filter slowly through each other. This creates a constantly shifting surface. A sort of moving, digital stained glass window. These images are intended to be combined with the music and to be projected – to cinematic dimensions – on to screen or directly onto walls and surfaces of modern and ancient buildings. – John Foxx


New Record Collector review of the Cathedral Oceans DVD

5/5 Will even teach Brian Eno a music-and-visual lesson or two . . .

This could be shown in museums, nightclubs, post office queues and restaurants, on long-haul flights or MTV, and easily elicit a strong emotional response. It is one of the most beautiful mixes of music and images Record Collector has ever seen. A masterpiece.

Ian Shirley


Future Music Review of new Cathedral Oceans DVD

9 out of 10

Cathedral Oceans is an ongoing project that stretches back many years and explores ambient sound, washes of reverberated vocals and strings like no other. But it’s also been an audio-visual exhibition, from which this DVD essentially comes.

Each ethereal – and that word exists solely for Cathedral Oceans, believe me – track is accompanied by photos that evolve, blend and merge beautifully to take the original’s listening experience to new levels of emotion. Great stuff.