A Quiet Man
John Foxx
Label : Metamatic



A spoken word CD containing some of the surreal, dream-like stories from John Foxx s on-going novel about London The Quiet Man.  The CD features a 16-page booklet, with all the images created by Foxx. The origins of the novel are firmly cinematic, says Foxx of The Quiet Man project. I found an old grey suit in a charity shop in the 1970s. Over the years, I got some friends to wear the suit in various locations in London. I filmed them just walking or sitting in cafes or apartments. As I did this, The Quiet Man story began to emerge. It s about London becoming overgrown, about the suit being alive somehow, and the way cities can alter us – and our memories. It s also about film , he adds. In the novel, The Quiet Man walks into the screen at one point. I think we all do this when we view a film, we enter into it. Participate. Travelling without moving. If that isn t magic, I don t know what is.